Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphoedema is a condition causing swelling in the soft tissues of the body. It is the fluid called lymph, or interstitial fluid, becoming trapped when the body's normal lymphatic system fails to work properly.

Lymphoedema may develop after surgery, or radiation treatment, but it can occur for no apparent reason. The indicating factors or triggers of Lymphatic dysfunction are many and varied.

Complex (Physical) Lymphatic Therapy for the treatment of Lympoedema or CLT, as developed by Judith Casley-Smith, is designed to either stimulate or reinstate existing lines of lymphatic drainage, where possible, or where this is not possible, open alternative lines of lymphatic drainage, to bypass blocked areas.

Ken has been certified by the Poppy Lane Skin Care and Lymphoedema Clinic, to perform the Casley-Smith method of CLT should the need arise.