Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage: 

A smooth, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, improves circulation and range of movement, and relieves muscular tension.


Remedial Massage: 

A paramedical treatment that helps to restore function to injured "soft tissue" (muscles, tendons and ligaments). Therapy may involve the use of various types of Massage, as well as a range of other physical treatments to assist your recovery. In addition, you may be asked to perform some activities at home to assist the process of recovery.


Sports Massage: 

Combines different Massage techniques to enhance sports performance and recuperation. An effective component of any training program.


Aromatherapy Massage:

Combining the therapeutic properties of essential oils with specific Massage techniques to promote health and well-being


Pregnancy Massage:

Massage can be a key component to maintaining good health and wellbeing during pregnancy.


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